Saturday, 18 December 2010

Components of PFHPL

The Patanjali Food and Herbal Park Limited comprises of four main components as explained below.

Aggregation of the raw material for processing from farm proximity Collection Centers (CCs) - For the processing and manufacturing units, assured supply of processable input in the larger part of year is one on the key success factor. Backward linkages for collection and procurement of processable and perishable food products at optimum prices round the year would be made possible through establishing the procurement centers nearby the villages where the raw material is being produced. Five such CCs are established in the PFHPL. In addition, ten Mobile Collection Centers (MCC) supported by mobile collection vans are also supporting hand for the benefits of farmers. These CCs are well connected to Primary Processing Centers (PPC) and generally are at approximate 15-25 km of the PPC.

2. Mobile Collection Center (MCCs) – At some of these places appropriate land could not be purchased by the SPV, hence to tap the opportunity Mobile Collection Centers are being planned at locations where there is huge production and arrival of fruits and vegetables in certain part of the year. Mobile collection vans visiting the area in the peak seasons have been planned. However at a later stage, the SPV would purchase land on suitable locations based on the learning’s from the initial operations to set up permanent CC's at some of the MCC locations. Till that time these MCC would directly be linked to the CPC and PPC as described in the coming chapters.

3. Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) - After the collection, the raw produce will go to the respective Primary Processing Centers (PPC) where primary processing like sorting, grading, cleaning, washing, peeling etc. will be done. Each PPC is planned at a strategic location which is well connected and supported by CCs and MCCs.

4. Central Processing Center (CPCs) - The Central Processing Center (CPC) is the hub of all processing units wherein material procured at CCs and primary processed at PPC will be collected for final value addition by the processing units. The information related to different project components like the CPC, PPCs and the CCs will be covered in order of their raw material procurement and all what will be the product mix tentatively. MCC and Mobile Collection Vans have to support the collection of seasonal production in the remote areas.

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