Saturday, 18 December 2010

Direct Linkage with Farmers by Primary Processing, Collection and Mobile Collection Centres

Backward linkage of Patanjali Food and Herbal Park is based on Hub and Spoke model. The Spokes are collection and mobile collection centers (CC & MCCs) which act as consolidation points for the PFHPPL. The hub for collection and mobile collection centers are primary processing centers (PPC) whereon material to be primary processed to send it to CPC. 


 PPC 1. Prahaladpur-8.49 acres
  MCC1: Bahadarabad MCC2: Laksar
 PPC 2. Daudpur Haji: -1.09 acres
  CC1: Akbarabad -1 acres
  CC2: Mongarpur -0.90 acres
 PPC 3. Budhana -18.43 acres
  CC3: Kheri Kharmu- 0.58 acres
  MCC1: Thana Bhavan MCC2: Kairana
 PPC 4. Devprayag -1.72 acres
 PPC 5. Kotdwar -1.35 acres
  MCC1: Kanti MCC2: Landsdown

Strong backend linkages with the villages through 5 CCs, 5 PPCs and 8 MCC have been planned based on the production, production potential and seasonality of the different kind of the raw material. At present it is expected that at least 80% of the total raw material will be sourced though the backward linkages of the PFHPPL while rest of the raw material which is not grown in Uttarakhand and the area of influence of MFP will be outsourced as per sourcing economies. Strong backward linkages would be established by involving farmer groups/traders and federating them into appropriate entities. The backward department/section planned at PPCs and coordinating with CCs and CPC will be primarily responsible for procurement of produces from the CCs. Each collection center will consist of 8-10 growers associations and each association is consisting of 10-25 farmers.

Farmers Associations – the Promoters of PFHPPL have strong relations with thousands of farmers and hundreds of Self Help groups (SHG), Village Panchayats in all the fruits and vegetables growing villages surrounding the CCs. 
Various groups already entered into agreements and given consent and are supplying their material to the PFHPPL. 

SHG Based Approach: First Co-Operative Model (Ujjali, Uttarkashi)

  Patanjali Krishi Swyam Sahayata Samuh (PKSSS)
  Patanjali Mahila Swyam Sahayata Samuh (PMSSS)
  Approx 100 SHGs formed and successfully working in the Gomutra, Apple collection, computer training and other welfare work like awareness of health and healthy /Swadeshi Products. 

Contract Farming and Corporate Farming – In addition to the above, farmers of the area are entering into contract farming and corporate farming. 

Association with govt. organizations and other NGOs: Patanjali has entered and willing to enter in to contracts with State Medicinal Plant Board, Local Mandi Parishad and Horticulture departments for proper coordination with PFHPPL infrastructure of backward linkage.

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